Katherine Wheatley
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Hoot Music, 1999

words and music Katherine Wheatley

Rita talks about the children
But Fred don't listen very hard
He leaves his plate, he takes his coffee
He blows some snow in the yard

Rita goes down to the basement
She's looking for angels and mistletoe
It's been 10 years since they put up a christmas tree
It's been ten years since the kids came home

She's crying and she's cried
But she can't seem to make it right
She's trying and she's tried
She takes both sides but they still fight

Ten years and John comes home
He stamps the snow from his boots outside the door
His wife laughs, she says
"John you've been stamping your feet 10 minutes now,
Just ring the bell"
He remembers when his father said "Don't let the outside in
Where do you think you live? This ain't no barn."

John says "I see you cut down some trees.
I can't believe you still drive the LTD.
All I wanna do is take a ride in the skidoo
Already want to get out of here."
His father says "You'll freeze to death in those city boots."
Beneath his breath he spits "Boy's forgot his roots."

Rita cooks up a storm
She's the only one here who really believes
The Prince of Peace was born.
She don't mind walking to church alone on Christmas morn'
'Cause when she kneels down
She plans to pray for peace at home.