Katherine Wheatley
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Hoot Music, 1999

words and music Kathryn Rose and Katherine Wheatley

I'm hungry
I'm afraid I might take too much
I'm afraid I can't give enough
I'm afraid I hardly know you

I'm thirsty
I'm afraid I might drink too fast
I'm afraid that this love won't last
I'm afraid but I will show you

On a night like this
To dream of you
On a night like this
Would be the next best thing that I could do

I'm sleepless
I've been prowling around my house
Since you've been prowling around my heart
I didn't think that the door was open

I'm speechless
All the distance makes it hard to talk
You've got me up around the clock
Will you be all I'm hoping for?

When I see you I'll be tongue-tied
With all I'm feeling inside
If I can't even make a sound
I might have to write it down