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Really folks, Wendell Ferguson (below) is not that big.  The plane was just that little.  Sioux Lookout's a two day drive from home.  I've been there twice in the last three weeks with Suzie Vinnick & Wendell.  Last time we drove. This time we flew. 


Here we are with students from Pelican Falls First Nations High School.   


Three weeks ago, we performed.  This time we gave workshops.  Artscan Circle sent us up, along with Carol Teal, their hardworking executive director,  and Leland Bell, a fantastic painter from Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation on Manitoulin Island. Here he is in action with students from Queen Elizabeth High School.


Artscan Circle sends artists to remote communities to work with native youth.  They do good work.  If you're thinking of giving a donation for christmas, you might consider these folks.  Check them out:

Here's where I'll be performing:

Tue Dec 15, 8:30 PM, Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON  
Wendell Ferguson's Christmas DVD release.

Fri Jan 22, 8 PM, Mysthaven Resort and Spa, Stouffville, ON    This concert is a double bill with James Gordon. It kicks off the weekend songwriting retreat (below).  Non-participants are welcome.  To reserve, please call James:  519 766 6707 or

Friday Jan 22 to 24, Mysthaven Resort and Spa, Stouffville, ON, Winter Songwriting Retreat.  Early bird deadline Dec. 15. Click here for details and to reserve.

Fri Jan 29, 8 PM, Swanmore Hall, Orillia, ON  This is Friday Folk in Orillia.  Great people.  Solo concert.  Call Bernie at 705-326-3655, e-mail

Sat Jan 30 8 PM and Sun Jan 31 2 PM Irish Mountain House Concert, Meaford, ON Double bill with Wendell.  Lovely folks, beautiful intimate venue.  2 shows this time...

Fri Feb 6, 8 PM, and Sat Feb 7, 4 PM House Concerts, Peterborough, ON  These are 2 different house concerts in this beautiful town.  Please e-mail me if you'd like to come.  I'll put you in touch with the folks presenting the shows.  They're all loverly.  I'll be cross country skiing on the Saturday before the show.  The trails are beautiful. Solo shows. 

Sat Feb 13, 8 PM, Registry Theatre, Kitchener, ON  It's Folk Night at the Registry.  Double bill with Wendell.  For tickets and info, please contact jack at

Sun Feb 14, 8:30 PM, Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON Valentines with Betty and The Bobs.  I hope you can join us.

I head out west late Feb to mid Mar.  Lots more shows to come in Alberta and Saskatchewan...but not til after I've spent a week skiing with my nieces and nephew. Here's what's happening so far...

Sat Feb 27, Ananda Arthouse, Forget SK One of my favourite spots in Canada.  This is a lovely retreat for artists in a tiny little town.  Solo show.

Fri Mar 5, 8 PM, Uptown Folk Club, Edmonton, AB With Wendell.  Contact

Sat Mar 6, 8 PM, Wolf Den, Lethbridge, AB With Wendell.  Contact

Well you - if you got this far, thanks so much for reading. 

Take good care this holiday season. KW 


Tues. Dec. 15 midnight is the Early Bird Deadline for The Winter Songwriting Retreat with James Gordon and Katherine Wheatley.  Click here to find out more and to reserve.


If you'd like to order CDs, please click on CD cover.



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Here's a little excerpt from Steve Fruitman,  host of  the radio show Back To The Sugar Camp, re. the Porcupine Award.

One of the most difficult Categories to adjudicate, this song won, hands down! So many great songs and yet this one stuck out like an orange rabbit. After playing it once on my program, Back to the Sugar Camp, several people wanted to know how to get hold of it. Unlike Leonard CohenÕs song of the same name, Hallelujah is a brisk paced cry of hope and happiness. With backing vocals from the likes of Suzie Vinnick, Lynn Miles, Tannis Slimmon and others, itÕs a song youÕve got to hear to really know what I mean by calling it The Porcupine Song of the Year.  Hallelujah is on Katherine Wheatley's recently released CD "Landed."


I've put Hallelujah up for free download for the next 2 weeks.  


To check out recipients in the other Porcupine Awards categories: backtothesugarcamp


Habits and Heroes is for sale via download on Itunes.  Or click CD cover for mail order.  99 Feet of Snow, Snowmobile Suit and Rita are on Habits and Heroes - all my wintery songs.

All my best, Katherine   

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