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Produced by Scott Merritt and Lynn Miles

Featuring (in order of appearance): Scott Merritt, Lynn Miles, Katherine Wheatley, Suzie Vinnick, Lyle Molzan, Maury Lafoy, Dennis Keldie, Nick Crane, Jude Vadala, Tannis Slimmon, Jeff Bird, Nic Tjelios, Wendell Ferguson, David Travers-Smith, Chris Chanter and Shawna Cooper

All songs recorded by Scott Merritt at The Cottage except "Great Big Guitar", recorded by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound and "Storm Warning", recorded by Nic Tjelios at Katherine's house.

Mixed by Scott Merritt at The Cottage in Guelph, ON

Mastered by David Cain at SoundMaster Studios in Ottawa, ON

Art Direction, design, layout & illustration by A Man Called Wrycraft, www.wrycraft.com

Photograph by Michael Wrycraft

One True Kiss, Hallelujah, Runaway, The 3:17, Great Big Guitar and My Request written by Katherine Wheatley, published by The HOOT Music Co. (SOCAN); Signal Faded, Storm Warning, Loved A Man and Landed written by Katherine Wheatley and James Gordon, published by The HOOT Music Co. and Pipe Street Publishing (SOCAN); Bound To You written by Katherine Wheatley, James Gordon and Wendell Ferguson, published by The HOOT Music Co., Pipe Street Publishing and Wen Hel Freezes Music (SOCAN).

Thanks all you musicians, for your wonderful playing; DTS and Nic Tjelios, for your excellent ears; and Michael Wrycraft, for your ideas and stunning work. I love what you do. Thank you Michele, Michael, Ann, Pierre-Yves, Chris, Geoff, Nicole, Rod, Mom and the rest of la famille who help in ways that always make things better for me. Thanks to my friends in Guelph -Valerie Copping, Chris Chanter, Shawna Cooper, Tannis Slimmon, Jude Vadala, Claire Barron, Julia Phillips, Jane Lewis and Sam Turton - for serving us delicious meals while we made this recording. Thanks Terry Eagan, Kim Logue, Samantha Armstrong, Kate and Jan Vanderhorst, Steve Potter, Holmes Hooke, Richard Carson and all the folks at Hugh's Room, Richard Flohil, Jadea Kelly, Don and Jani Quarles (nee McIsaac), Bob and Carrie Ahrens (nee Tudhope) for doing things that make what I do easier and better. Thanks James Gordon and Wendell Ferguson - you troopers. Thanks to the woman who shared her story and inspired "Landed". Thanks Sue Merritt for making Lynn and me feel welcome. Thank YOU - yes you out there - for listening. And finally, thank you Lynn and Scott for making me so darn happy.