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The Haunting

Put up fresh wood, tore out rotten plaster
This whole neighbourhood was an urban disaster
Beautiful townhouse so well restored
Rented rooms to drunks and drifters before

In the wooden window bay of my wooden bedroom
Sits a ghost of a man, he's bent and stooped
Black lungs creaking, weak eyes leaking
This room was reeking of a thousand lonely dinners
Hear the wailing of a thousand lonely sinners

There's a voice before I fall asleep
Crying out to the woman I'm trying to be
"In the corner sits a man who never mattered
And he knows your vanity"

I cut it in the world with a burning ambition
Away from the herd to a higher position
Renovated town house a rightful reward
Just kick out the crazy, defeated and ignored.

Creeping 'round beneath the silence
Slurred angry voices and drunken violence
Hollow laughter, bottles clatter
The footseps stagger thru the freshly painted rooms
Hear the echoes of a thousand restless fools

Modern living with shiny toys
The cheap and forgotten I try to avoid
But the smell of decay hangs heavy in the hall
Those wasted days gone rancid in the walls

I feel the dead weight of heart break and failure
A poor man's mistakes surround him like jailors
I don't know why, I can't justify
There is so much to buy with deception and clever words

words by Chris Wheatley; music by Katherine Wheatley

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